Duran Duran Unstaged webcast (dir. David Lynch)

Duran Duran <i>Unstaged</i> webcast (dir. David Lynch)
As of late, David Lynch has been busy in the music world. The famed director recently rolled out his first singles, and just yesterday (March 23) directed a live webcast from new wave heroes Duran Duran. Now, we have some clips from that performance.

The webcast was the latest in American Express's Unstaged series, which brings together a band with a renowned film director for a live streaming concert. Just as you would expect from the man behind Twin Peaks and Blue Velvet, the Duran Duran stream was a lot weirder than just your average concert recording. It had surreal images, creepy lenses and filters, and plenty of trippy eye candy, meaning that it looks almost like a concert-length music video. The show featured guest appearances by Mark Ronson, Beth Ditto of Gossip and Kelis.

See some clips below, and check out more at Duran Duran's YouTube channel, including a Q&A session and various behind-the-scenes clips.