Duran Duran "Paper Gods" (ft. Mr Hudson)

Duran Duran 'Paper Gods' (ft. Mr Hudson)
Duran Duran hooked up with lots of big-name peers on their new album Paper Gods. This includes Mr Hudson, who appears on the newly unveiled title track.

The song takes a while to get off the ground, as it begins with layered a cappella harmonies. The vocals are eventually accompanied by a blippy electronic buildup, and after a couple of minutes, it sinks into a thumping groove. It isn't until the final passage of the seven-minute track that the anxious, cinematic arrangement finds catharsis.

Frontman Simon Le Bon told Entertainment Weekly:

I think paper gods can be all kinds of things. That's why it's the title track of the album. Money could be paper gods or photographs or memories. Paper gods could be people who stand up on top of the hill, telling everyone what to do, or the people who own the newspapers and tell them what to think, or people who stand on soapboxes telling people what to say. I like the ambiguity of it and the different way it can be interpreted.

Hear the song below. Paper Gods will be out on September 11 through Warner Bros. Records. Contributors include Janelle Monáe, Chic's Nile Rodgers, John Frusciante, Kiesza, Davidé Rossi and Lindsay Lohan. It was produced by Mark Ronson.