Dur-Dur Band Dur Dur of Somalia

Dur-Dur Band Dur Dur of Somalia
When you listen to this release, and most other African modern music from the '80s and '90s, the question that seems to keep cropping up is "how did they come up with this?" — from the Afrobeat groove machine of Fela Kuti, to the lilting trance of King Sunny Ade to the bent harmonic twists of myriad Ethiopian bands.
What is immediately apparent once you dig deep is the funkified moebius strip of Africa cycling into America, electrifying and contrapunting the groove and cycling back into Africa.
This two-CD release from Somalia's Dur-Dur Band is no exception. Yeah it's funk, but it's a take that incorporates a more traditional style of vocal phrasing, an otherworldly use of electric keys and guitar, and impressions of R&B ("Aduun Hawli Kama Dhamaato") and reggae ("Diinleeya") that, by intention or not, aren't faithful interpretations.
This makes the music as unique and vibrant as it is, in every way, honest. This release takes in all three LPs by Dur-Dur, including two unreleased tracks remastered from old and varied sources, and in that is a testament to Analog Africa's dedication in bringing such gems to light. An amazing slab of Africanised funk/R&B/reggae grooves. (Analog Africa)