Dunmore Park

At Midnight EP

BY Joseph MathieuPublished Mar 1, 2017

At Midnight, Dunmore Park's debut EP for Substation Records, features four tracks chock full of energy, but it's anything but a first appearance on the scene for the artist. Edmonton-based producer Andrew Williams was a co-founder of Night Vision Music collective, and has created music as NVS for over a decade now. His life is self-described as a "musical feast" that spreads love via artistic collaboration and positivity.
The marriage of genres here brings gospel, house, Afro and classical together with soul and downtempo on tracks that go deep despite the release's relative shortness. Opener "At Midnight" delivers vitality via satisfying bass lines and welcome xylophone bursts throughout, while "Walk With Me," an emotional, gospel-esque cry for help and understanding from God featuring a synth-horn hook and a danceable beat. The evolution of the songs is seamless, particularly between "Walk With Me" and "The Forest." On the latter, Williams rubs two sticks together — futuristic organ and galloping bass — and lights a pleasing sonic fire.
"It sounds wrong, but it feels right," comes a raspy voice on "Feels Right," except that nothing sounds wrong here — not even the caws of an artificial bird of paradise, experimenting with sounds in a jungle of technobabble howls and crashes. At Midnight showcases melodic, happy music built on production that's slick, but features just the right amount of grit.
(Substation Recordings)

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