Dubblestandart Immigration Dub

The new disc from Dubblestandart follows last year’s remix-crammed Are You Experienced. Immigration Dub doesn’t come across like an over-egged patchwork of producers and remixes like the previous release did, however. Here, the band produce a more consistent, identifiable sound. Nu-dub is certainly their stock in trade but for the first time Dubblestandart also take on classic pre-rockers rhythms with success. Starting with the Doors-via-Dub Syndicate recitation of "we all have to get high,” the pace never flags. Covers of Rootical Jamaican classics such as "MPLA” and guest vocals by Ken Boothe and Prince Far I (from beyond the grave!) add to the rootsier orientation of the sound. While the samples-over-groove approach is a little tiresome in this day and age, the tight band sound makes up for the lack of originality in approach. There are a few surprises, notably the raga-fied acoustic guitar provided by Canadian guitarist Doug Cox on "Grinning In Your Face,” and the not entirely successful metalloid dub of "Wadada.” This is dance floor dub: it won’t shear your head off with wanton effects. Sometimes the songwriting ideas seem a little thin but this is dub from the ground up rather than a deconstruction of song structure itself. This is a strong record for any dub DJ’s bag. (Collision — Cause of Chapter 3)