Drumhand The Travelling Scheme

Borrowing from the percussive parade traditions of Brazil, New Orleans and West Africa, Drumhand whip bamboo sticks, Ghanaian flutes, drums and trumpets into six original compositions. Make no mistake: The Travelling Scheme isn't merely marching music for carnal, lascivious festivities, nor is it intended for passive admiration. Although brimming with joy, it has nobler intentions: inciting people from very different experiences and ideologies to join in a common musical journey, where time spent together is as important as distance travelled. Contrasting the spirited percussion carpeting every track, jazzy wails of brass instruments lend a slightly melancholic tone to the quintet's compositions. It's as if you were being stirred, not to some irreverent frenzy, but to a level of joy where you're given the space to contemplate the moment, leaving room for other emotions to enrich your experience. The Travelling Scheme's multicultural, Zen-like orchestration makes you wish that people's international ideologies could blend as seamlessly and harmoniously as musical cultures do, when in the right hands. (Wax-A-Hot-One)