Druid Lord Grotesque Offerings

Druid Lord Grotesque Offerings
Like an obscure '70s horror film, Druid Lord mix horror and brutality with a good amount of camp cheesiness of Grotesque Offerings. The band wear their influences proudly on their sleeve with every song, and though their love for the source material is made clear, the music itself struggles to live up to the band's aims.
Despite moments of great headbanging heaviness on songs like "Evil That Haunts This Ground," nearly every track feels somewhat lacking or incomplete in its impact. Moments that should feel ominous are somewhat light, and without as much substance as they warrant. That said, this does make those times when Druid Lord push into overdrive that much more impactful in contrast to the blandness of the slower sections.
Making matters worse are the vocals, which aren't just lacking in dynamism, but even take away from the instrumentation in places — especially when some of the lyrics are straight-up laughable.
Grotesque Offerings is a love letter to old-school horror that falls flat, yet isn't without some glimpses of greater potential. Hopefully, Druid Lord will rise to it on future releases. (Hells Headbangers)