DRUDKH Forgotten Legends

Consisting of just four tracks, the first of the reissues of Drudkh's former recordings from Season of Mist is just as relevant as Microcosmos, which was released this past summer. Originally recorded in 2002, opener "False Dawn" is 15 minutes of merciless guitar riffs, creating a soundtrack that alternates between a hyperactive, industrialized blast then meanders into what seems to be their specialty: acoustic, folk-influenced, blackened groove. One thinks of NIN meeting Type O Negative when listening to "Eternal Turn of the Wheel" and while one wouldn't necessarily think to meld a heavy, futuristic sound with black metal philosophies, it almost works. The only criticism is that, at times, and despite vocalist Thurios, who seems to be a bit more pronounced on this early offering, their enthusiasm for creating a wall of sound becomes a bit overwhelming. (Season of Mist)