Droom Ten Songs

In their second full-length release, Droom once again represent Canada with a solid synth-pop sound. Utilising a contrast of light yet ravaging guitar sounds with distinct beats and angst-filled vocals, the duo of Graham Jackson and William Winslow-Hansen have evolved nicely as a band. Ten Songs is subtly diverse enough to hold attention throughout, with introspective songs such as "As If Alive” complimenting the more up-beat tracks like "Asleep in Your Arms.” Those who were looking to find the single of "Blood Culture,” released earlier this year, will be pleased to find it also included. Droom manage to achieve an atmosphere of anguish from beginning to end, yet do so with a mature attitude that can speak to all music lovers. This is a great album, and any person looking for songs that mix shadowy ambiance with pop edges will want to own this disc. (Independent)