Droom Blood Culture

It is always great to know that a band does not need to have a record deal in order to put out a good product. Vancouver’s Droom currently have one full-length album under their belt. "Blood Culture” is their new single and unexpectedly it is first-rate material. The album features two versions of "Blood Culture” plus two other tracks ("Somewhere I’ve Never Been” and "The Morning After”). Using goth-style vocals with aggressive programming Droom put forward fast-paced future pop that oxymoronically embraces ’80s influences such as the Cure, OMD and New Order. Blood Culture will appeal to both DJs and general music enthusiasts due to its potential to translate well towards either living room or nightclub settings. Droom are promoting themselves independently to date, so without online shopping, searching for their stuff may take some time. Keep an eye out for this group though. If Blood Culture is any indication of what they are capable of, future projects will definitely be worth checking out. (Independent)