BY Mark TremblayPublished Jan 9, 2019

Drofnosura are quickly becoming the best local underground band in a crowded Toronto scene. With two other EPs under their belt, Voidfever is a culmination of many years of work coalescing into one of the most elaborate metal releases to date. Voidfever is an amalgamation of doom, black metal and drone in a way that creates a sonic nightmare.
It is one thing to write about despair and bleak emotions, but it's another to truly capture it. The album sways through these morose soundscapes that recall a psychological thriller. For a doom metal record, there are many moments of silence and reflection that really make the heavy riffs pop in ways others records are unable to build up to. The drums have this slippery quality to them that help weave these nightmarish soundscapes together.
Music is not suppose to always be a comfortable experience, and is sometimes suppose to challenge you. Voidfever is much more than a metal record, and expands into the realms of experimental and drone music.
(Acid Vision)

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