Drive-By Truckers Unveil 'Greatest Hits' Collection

Drive-By Truckers Unveil 'Greatest Hits' Collection
Southern rock heroes the Drive-By Truckers have been together for well over a decade, and they've put out nine albums, plus a handful of stopgap releases. It's about time, then, that they put out a new career-spanning compilation. Those looking for an introduction to the group to will want play close attention when New West releases Ugly Buildings, Whores & Politicians: Greatest Hits 1998-2009 on August 2.

As you will notice from the title, this collection stops at 2009. That means 2010's The Big To-Do and 2011's Go-Go Boots will be omitted. The songs were selected by the band's frontman Patterson Hood.

Nearly all of the tracks come from the bands first seven studio LPs. The alternate version of "Uncle Frank" appeared on 2009's The Fine Print: A Collection of Oddities and Rarities. There's also a remix of "Gravity's Gone," originally from 2006's A Blessing and a Curse.

The liner notes were written by Rolling Stone's David Fricke. He wrote in a press release, "This is the evidence: sixteen songs of bruising reflection and incisive portraiture from eight albums covering the Drive-By Truckers first decade as the best American band a lot of people still need to know." The collection will be released on CD and double-LP.

Ugly Buildings, Whores & Politicians: Greatest Hits 1998-2009:

1. "The Living Bubba"
2. "Bulldozers and Dirt"
3. "Ronnie and Neil"
4. "Zip City"
5. "Let There Be Rock"
6. "Marry Me"
7. "Sink Hole"
8. "Carl Perkins' Cadillac"
9. "Outfit"
10. "The Righteous Path"
11. "Gravity's Gone (Remix)"
12. "Never Gonna Change"
13. "3 Dimes Down"
14. "Lookout Mountain"
15. "Uncle Frank (Alternate Version)"
16. "A World of Hurt"