Drive-By Truckers Set Sail to 'English Oceans' on New LP

Drive-By Truckers Set Sail to 'English Oceans' on New LP
Prolific Southern rock staples Drive-By Truckers haven't released a new album since early 2011 — a long time by their standards — but that will change on March 4 when they issue English Oceans through ATO Records.

The record includes 13 songs, the bulk of which were respectively penned by singer-guitarists Patterson Hood and Mike Cooley. A press release reveals that singer-guitarist Cooley was particularly involved this time around.

"I had time to write," he said in a statement. "After we came off the road last time, we decided we were going to let it rest for a while. So I had time to really focus. I kind of had to re-learn how to write, because I didn't write as many songs as I'd wanted on the last couple of records. I was happy with these songs, and thrilled to go in and record so many that I felt real strongly about."

Cooley added, "This lineup is so direct. It can go from this chainsaw rock'n'roll to very delicate, pretty-sounding stuff," and both he and Hood agree that it might be the band's best record.

The album was cut over 13 days in August with returning producer David Barbe. The song "Pauline Hawkins" was inspired by author Willy Vlautin's new book, The Free, while other tracks touch on political issues, the death of crew member Craig Lieske, and more.

See the tracklist below [via Rolling Stone].

Expect the band to tour extensively in 2014; the schedule, which so far only includes U.S. and European dates, is already beginning to come together over at the group's website. Additionally, the members have some solo shows, and Patterson Hood will be coming to Canada for a Vancouver show on January 18.

English Oceans:

1. Shit Shots Count
2. When He's Gone
3. Primer Coat
4. Pauline Hawkins
5. Made Up English Oceans
6. The Part of Him
7. Hearing Jimmy Loud
8. Til He's Dead or Rising
9. Hanging On
10. Natural Light
11. When Walter Went Crazy
12. First Air of Autumn
13. Grand Canyon