Dripping Slits

Short Skirts & Long Nights

BY Keith CarmanPublished Nov 17, 2016

It's taken a while, but there are finally some young'un bands starting to realize just how cool it was to be in the likes of Turbonegro, Poison Idea and every other bleak punk act of the past quarter-century. Demonstrating that fact, listening to Illinois freaks Dripping Slits isn't as off-putting as their name on this aggressively ephemeral onslaught. Hyperactive while still slightly melodic, packed with grim atmosphere, barbaric delivery and an overall sense that if these guys weren't making music they'd be getting dope sick, Short Skirts & Long Nights is a wonderful offering. That is, as long as these dudes don't think they're the ones creating the scene. That's always a possibility and issue. Still, when hearing this exercise in sloppy guitar solos flipping away under screeching vocals and uncompromising drums, one is enthused by how heavily they've embraced the likes of New Bomb Turks, Murder City Devils, Bronx's first album and the like.
(Thinker Thought)

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