Drew Rouse & the Gathering

The Flesh and the Spirit

BY Roman SokalPublished Mar 1, 2004

Drew Rouse, a Canadian originally from Southern Ontario, is a perpetual road warrior —constantly travelling and playing in clubs throughout the globe and spreading his catchy and super professional songwriting to the masses. His uplifting soft groovy slight-progressive funky folk pop rock is cut from the same cloth as Dave Matthews, Ani DiFranco, Pete Townsend and Eddie Vedder, especially when it comes to getting in touch with one's spiritual, self-aware and political earthy sides. Its nowhere far-off as well to mention that he also has Jim Morrison-esque elements to his looks and sound, with (at special times) ferocity that equals to that of early Springsteen. At one point he even gets so into matters at hand that he unleashes a sort of rural rapping that makes him a true electric poet. It’s odd that he has not been picked up by the majors at this point. Everything he does has strength, charm and wit, and leaves no question behind other than that he is this country's most gifted singer-songwriter that should be a household name.

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