Dres The Black Sheep Sureshot Redemption

Back on the scene, crispy and clean, Dres makes a respectable return from an extended hiatus after the break-up of his early ‘90s group Black Sheep. After gems like “Flavor of the Month” and “The Choice Is Yours” from their ’91 debut A Wolf In A Sheep’s Clothing, the group went on to release Non-Fiction, an embodiment of a sophomore slump and promptly disappeared. Dres’s moniker “the black sheep,” seems to be the only remnant of his ex-group’s heady early days. Sure, his voice still boasts a suave demeanour and shines on jazzy selections “As I Look Back” and “Hi & Lo,” but his lyrical content is now reflective and spiritual; no strobe light honeys here. Efforts to raise the tempo with the aid of his cronies the Legion, are a mixed bag with “Sky’s The Limit” the best of a mediocre bunch. Dres frankly sounds more at home on smoother fare like “Night Time” and “Tru Kings.” The sincerity on this effort cannot be questioned, it just lacks the punch that would inspire a fever for the flavour. (Ground Control)