Dreezy No Hard Feelings

Dreezy No Hard Feelings
There are few subgenres more intimidating to rap newbies than drill. It's bass-driven, slang-heavy, gutter as fuck and, if you're a purist, only ever from Chicago.
Seandra Sledge, better known as Dreezy, presents one of the more accessible ways to get started with it. In contrast to rappers like Chief Keef, Sasha Go Hard and Katie Got Bandz, Dreezy seems to know that striking a balance is key. Her new joint, No Hard Feelings, has plenty of hard edges, to be sure, but they surround a surprisingly soft core.
If you can ignore the deeply annoying skits, you'll find an album packed with gems. The first half is dedicated to more straight-up drill beats: "We Gon Ride" finds Dreezy teaming up with Gucci Mane over thundering bass and Kill Bill samples, while "Spazz" is a track that demands the biggest sound system you've got. Highlight "Bad B*tch" shows just how lethal Dreezy can be, her lazy, gravelly flow dripping with menace as she drops multiple killer verses. On the back end, Dreezy switches things up, showcasing her vocal abilities alongside guests like T-Pain. It's an unusual shift, but Dreezy is talented enough for it to work.
No Hard Feelings isn't quite ground-breaking, but it's an exciting step forward from Dreezy's previous project, Schizo. I can't wait to see what she does next. (Interscope)