The-Dream Parts with Capitol, Delays 'Crown Jewel' Album

The-Dream Parts with Capitol, Delays 'Crown Jewel' Album
Today (July 10) was supposed to be release day for R&B virtuoso The-Dream, whose album Crown Jewel was supposed to come out through Capitol Records. The album didn't arrive, however. Instead, The-Dream has parted ways with Capitol and Crown Jewel has been indefinitely delayed.

The songwriter explained on Instagram that the album was mastered and completed as of April 21 of this year. It seems that, once things went south with Capitol, The-Dream attempted to secure the rights to the masters in order to release the album through his own Contra Paris label. He only got control of the masters yesterday (July 9), however, hence the need to delay the album.

See The-Dream's Instagram post below:

Out of Respect for Steve Barnett I will not point any blame at Capitol records although I am reserved in my feeling about certain things. A 3 month long negotiation has ended and I am no longer being distributed by Capitol Records. My team tho in spite worked hard to retrieve masters in time to put them back up directly from Contra Paris , what happened; Because of the time the date has been pushed back as it took till yesterday to Get masters Back in order to have to even Put out at a Later Date. This is business so even though personally I am responsible for my music , the other parts sometimes you can't control and when something's not right I'd rather have the Time to make it the best vs just throwing things out. The album as you see was completely done April 21st and fortunately I own them , however when you take a product back and then want to distribute yourself after Codes are in systems at various Outlets, Tidal,iTunes exit. It has to be recoded and unfortunately the date changes based on all proceeds coming direct to Contra Paris rather than being split between a Major. Basically even tho I have the record I could not put it up either. Doesn't change the fact that I have a lot of music and would love for it to be out but Things happen when you are fighting for what's right, we all will get over. Legally that's all I can say , "wink like a motherfucker"

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Crown Jewel is a collection of two EPs. Crown already came out back in the spring, while the Jewel half was set to be unveiled as part of the full-length. Stay tuned for the details of the album release to be confirmed in due course.