The Dream Is Dead Letter of Resignation

It's hard not to like a band that opens their record with a sample from The Goonies and feature ex-members of Burn It Down, Harikari and Sutek Conspiracy. The Dream Is Dead (recently signed to Escape Artist) offers five songs in just over 11 minutes, and shades of Burn It Down's early, rawer hardcore sound (think Eat, Sleep, Mate, Defend) shines throughout, alternating between encompassing metallic moments and all-out thrash/hardcore rampages, spliced with some discordant leads. However, the Dream Is Dead doesn't bother with the underground's current trends, playing powerfully, fast and with conviction, and while their sound is too precise, competent and varied to be considered strictly hardcore, there is unquestionably that aesthetic and a politically-driven lyrical stance throughout. No singing, no acoustic breaks, just confrontation. Sometimes going straight for the kill is the best way. (Morphius)