Dralms to Deliver "Crushed Pleats" 7-inch on Boompa/Fat Possum

Dralms to Deliver 'Crushed Pleats' 7-inch on Boompa/Fat Possum
Dralms, the atmospheric Vancouver indie pop project steered by Christopher Smith, are currently putting work into a debut full-length, but ahead of time, the band will deliver physical copies of their 2013 digital single "Crushed Pleats." The record arrives on 7-inch vinyl September 2 in Canada via Boompa, in the U.S. through Fat Possum and overseas from Full Time Hobby.

As previously reported, Dralms finds Smith teaming up with longtime collaborators Shaunn Watt (Siskiyou, Failing), Will Kendrick (Failing) and Peter Caruthers (Siskiyou). While the other musicians had previously backed up Smith, the singer/guitarist explained to Exclaim! last year that Dralms is more of a group effort.

"The songs are far more reliant on Shaunn, Will and Peter's musicianship," Smith said at the time. "I'd like to take things even further with Dralms in this regard, starting and finishing things as a group. Give up the reins a little... or a lot, I guess. So, Dralms is really just our commitment to a this new creative process and this new sound."

The foursome's early recording session was tracked at Vancouver's Afterlife studio with John Raham and yielded two tracks for the release, "Crushed Pleats" and "Divisions of Labour." The songs were later sent to soundsmith Andy Dixon (Secret Mommy, Caving), who added extra electronic flourishes.

Fat Possum points to the single blending OK Computer-era Radiohead with textures of post-rock and glitch. A Bandcamp page that previously featured both tracks has since been taken down, but you can stream "Divisions of Labour" down below.

Though undetailed recording sessions took place earlier this year, a Facebook post from last week had the project confirming that they had returned to Afterlife "to begin recording their first full-length album." Details on the debut LP are forthcoming.

Tour dates:

08/07 Vancouver, BC - the Remington Gallery *

* with Dada Plan, Mesa Luna