Drake Fans Launch "Save Meek Mill" Charity Campaign

Drake Fans Launch 'Save Meek Mill' Charity Campaign
Following Meek Mill's assertion that Drake used a ghostwriter for his raps, the Toronto star has burned his Philly peer with a couple of diss tracks. Now, Drizzy's fans are getting in on the rivalry by launching the insulting fundraising site SaveMeekMill.com.

The website is a fundraiser for schools in Mill's hometown of Philadelphia, PA. But while it supports a good cause, the campaign is really just a way to insult Mill, since its mission statement promises to inspire youth "to not be like Meek Mill at all." While the website praises Mill's promising early work, it makes fun of him for getting bested in his beef with Drake, and pledges to help him get his career on the right track. There's also a cheeky image portraying Mill as a panhandler.

See the full mission statement below and check out the website here.

Did you know that giving is an incredibly efficient way to Save Meek Mill? The Save Meek Mill Guardians (S-MMG) are a group of dedicated friends (that drive wraiths and wear rollies). We created the Save Meek Mill website as a tool to help drive Meek Mill into the right direction and to save his brand before it's too late.

Every donation to the Save Meek Mill website will help Save Meek Mill's brand by giving back to Philadelphia youth through education. We strive to inspire the youth into different career paths other than being the type of rapper Meek Mill once glorified. We will save the youth from any future embarressment caused at the hands of their rap adverseries when they find themselves in a beef -- inspired by the one Meek Mill is currently losing to Drake. How? By inspiring them to not be like Meek Mill at all.

Meek Mill was once a Philadelphia rapper that showed promise and was doing everything right. He dropped a few mixtapes with bangers you could sing along with and the streets ate him up. He released 2 albums,
Dreams & Nightmares and Dreams Worth More Than Money. Both albums had features from his now arch nemesis and career closer, Drake. The album's were lackluster at best and did nothing for the Hip Hop art form other than give us an Intro we could jump around and scream to.

In late July 2015, it became apparent that Meek Mill was not the rapper we thought he was. Meek Mill dissed Drake after he appeared on his
Dreams Worth More Than Money album cut "R.I.C.O." saying Drake didn't write his verse. He also gave Funkmaster Flex a reference version of the song featuring OVO affiliate, Quentin Miller. After a series of tweets dissing Drake, Drake responded with a diss song titled "Charged Up." After 4 days of waiting for Meek Mill to respond and a failed promise to do so on Hot 97, the Philadelphia rapper copped pleas live on stage and didn't deliver. Instead Drake delivered "Back To Back" and made a joke out of Meek Mill's whole rap existence once again.

Meek Mill is in danger and soon there will be no Meek Mill to save. This is your time to make a change. Share SaveMeekMill.com with a friend, donate today and charge up the youth and at the same time Save Meek Mill.

Every donation made to SaveMeekMill.com will provide learning materials for the youth in Philadelphia including school supplies such as backpacks, books, pencils, and more.

In related news, Blue Jays baseball star Joe Carter has responded to his image appearing as the artwork for Drake's new diss track "Back to Back Freestyle" (the title of which is a reference to the time that Toronto beat Philadelphia in the 1993 World Series). Evidently Carter is very happy about the use of the photo. Meanwhile, Drake's collaborators have denied that the superstar uses a ghostwriter, and even Toronto politician Norm Kelly thrown his support behind Drizzy. In other words, it's becoming increasingly clear who is coming out on top in this beef.