Dragosh Where You Dream

The multitalented Dragosh Elie who, as well as being a composer, plays bass, guitar, and keyboards on Where You Dream. He does everything but sing, for that he has the classically-trained Carrie Katz, and gospel singer Lydie Dubuisson. Dragosh put their airy beats to good use and creates sheer undiluted beauty. With a striking mixture of light jazz, soul, blues, goth and Eastern influence, each song sounds completely different. There are a few weak points, but they are rendered irrelevant by comparison to the abundance of highs. Moments of dance are balanced with vulnerability, making for catharsis that is reminiscent of Portishead. Even on "Cloudy Day,” which at first seems to be a construction of pure joy, by the very end there are definite hints of misery trying to come out. Where You Dream includes the excellent "When Goddesses Appear” video. If Dragosh manage to put out an album per year, this world will be a better place. (Independent)