Dragon Fli Empire Redefine

On Redefine, MC Teekay and DJ/producer Cosm have made their best offering yet. The soulful, jazzy, old school dish is served atop relaxing beats (mostly by Cosm) and honest lyrics. On "Ride On," Teekay and Raashan Ahmed take us on a relatively fast-paced road trip across the country, recounting the humbling encounters on an independent tour. "Rise," which comes with a deft Masta Ace verse attesting to their growing popularity, has the two MCs admitting to occasional feelings of defeat. The best comes at us right in the middle, when "Paradise" casts its doubts on suburban philosophies so potent in their hometown of Calgary. Although the album doesn't redefine hip-hop, as the title suggests, it doesn't have to. By simply being what it is - true, well-defined, potent hip-hop - it is perfectly satiable. (MakeBelieve)