Dr. Seuss Turned Down the Chills' Request for 'Kaleidoscope World' Cover Art

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Jul 8, 2016

While the upcoming repress of the Chills' Kaleidoscope World will introduce a clutch of key Kiwipop cuts to a new generation of listeners, that's not the only revelation contained within the package. According to the liner notes, the band had approached wildly imaginative kids book titan Dr. Seuss (a.k.a. Theodor Geisel) to prep the album cover for the set but were denied.

The reveal was made today (July 8) via Captured Tracks' Instagram page, which revealed a bit of the inner sleeve art from the upcoming repress. As you can see, it includes a photo of a letter the late children's author/illustrator had sent to Chills vocalist Martin Phillipps in 1984, explaining that he was contractually bound to decline an invite to contribute art to Kaleidoscope World.

"I wish it were possible for me to do the cover artwork for the new Chills record," that old Seuss had wrote, ahead of a business-type kibosh he'd come to denote. "Unfortunately, existing contracts, controlling my output, make it impossible for me to do so."

While Geisel didn't end up crafting any art for the release, it could be argued that the cover still came out quite Seussian. In fact, the plastic-piped contraption on the sleeve sort of looks like it would make the same kind of ear-splitting noise as a great big electro whocarnio flook.

We'll have to wonder what could've been, sadly, but both the note and the de-Seussed compilation will be re-released on double LP and CD August 19 via Flying Nun/Captured Tracks.


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