The Chills Treat Their Essential 'Kaleidoscope World' to Expanded Reissue

BY Brock ThiessenPublished Jun 30, 2016

While the Chills last left us with their Silver Bullets album in 2015, the Kiwipop legends are now looking back on their career — way back. This summer, the New Zealand greats will reissue their stellar Kaleidoscope World comp. And yes, the re-release is coming on vinyl.

Flying Nun will treat the beloved singles comp to a double-vinyl and CD reissue on August 19. Perhaps best of all, the re-release will feature six bonus B-sides, demos and live tracks, as well as an expanded gatefold cover with photos, posters and liner notes from journalist Martin Aston.

For the unfamiliar, Kaleidoscope World was first released in 1986, In many ways, it was the real starting point for the Chills, gathering their early singles and cementing the 'Dunedin Sound' and the band's position as Kiwipop royalty. The collection originally held eight tracks, with later CD editions expanding that to 18. Now this latest edition will house 24.

Among the record's many highlights are the Chills' immortal post-punk tearjerker "Pink Frost," the sprawled-out and vicious "Flame Thrower" and jangled-up "Kaleidoscope World."

Down below, you can listen to the previously unreleased track, "Oncoming Day (Early Version)," as well as check out the reissue's expanded tracklist. You'll also find the video to the ever-great "Pink Frost" at the bottom of the page.

Kaleidoscope World:

1. Kaleidoscope World
2. Satin Doll
3. Frantic Drift
4. Rolling Moon
5. Bite
6. Flame Thrower
7. Pink Frost
8. Purple Girl
9. This Is The Way
10. Never Never Go
11. Don't Even Know Her Name
12. Bee Bah Bee Bah Bee Boe
13. Whole Weird World
14. Dream By Dream
15. Doledrums
16. Hidden Bay
17. I Love My Leather Jacket
18. The Great Escape
19. Oncoming Day (Early Version)
20. Dan Destiny and The Silver Dawn (Unplugged)
21. Martyns Doctor Told Me
22. I'll Only See You Alone Again
23. Green Eyed Owl (Live)
24. Smile From A Dead Dead Face (Live)


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