Dr. Dre-associated L.A. Radio DJ Greg Mack Becomes Subject of New Biopic

Dr. Dre-associated L.A. Radio DJ Greg Mack Becomes Subject of New Biopic
The box office success of Straight Outta Compton means we may soon be seeing even more Los Angeles-geared hip-hop history hitting screens. After being portrayed in a minor role in F. Gary Gray's recent N.W.A.-saluting film, L.A. DJ Greg Mack will now apparently have his own story told in an upcoming biopic.

According to Deadline, the Goddard Film Group has optioned the rights to Mack's upcoming autobiography and intend to produce a film based on his early '80s exploits as a DJ and director at Los Angeles' 1580 KDAY-AM. Notably, this was the first-ever station to play rap and hip-hop all day.

Mack became KDAY's program and music director in 1983 and helped steered the station towards its hip-hop-heavy format. He hosted an afternoon show as Greg "Mack Attack" Mack and found a group of young DJs to help him spread the word. One member of his street team was then World Class Wreckin' Cru DJ, Dr. Dre.

Mack is credited as giving first-time airplay to MC Hammer, LL Cool J, Big Daddy Kane, Tone Loc, Queen Latifah and, of course, N.W.A. The station was instrumental in the rise of gangsta rap, but folded in the early '90s. KDAY was later revived and brought to FM waves in 2004.

The as-yet-untitled film is currently in production, with Mack set to serve as its executive producer. Neither the film nor the autobiography has a firm ETA.

Mack's part of the N.W.A. story made it into Straight Outta Compton, with director Gray portraying the radio figure in a cameo.