Dr. Dog We All Belong

This band should really pick a better name because "Dr. Dog” is bound to give people the wrong impression. You might expect them to play infuriating, jammy frat rock, but if there was a frat involved with this recording I’m sure its members are all perfect gentlemen. There’s strong evidence that Dr. Dog are reformed college hooligans who have retained only their moniker in memory of their oafish beginnings, for example take the line: "I don’t want to go back to my old ways/cheating and creeping around.” While Dr. Dog might loosely be described as "bar rock,” it’s only because the songs are uplifting and crowded sing-alongs, with ‘70s harmonies and heavily-pounded keyboards, as opposed to loutish shouted choruses and long riffs redolent of ball sweat. They’re cheesy but appropriately so — the lyrics may be corny but they fit perfectly with the energetic retro pop the band are so deft at performing. They’re not simply a revival act, although their ’60s and ’70s pop influences are their primary draw; Dr. Dog have oodles of personality and they rarely get sloppy with it (the vocalist has a great whine). While there are some comparatively dull moments, they’re interspersed with fun, tambourine-accompanied breakdowns and unfailingly tight harmonies. Potential Elephant 6 fans that prefer the early ’70s to the psychedelic era will find kindred spirits in, ugh, Dr. Dog. (Park The Van)