Dr. Acula Below Me!

If you think these guys are serious about anything, aside from being a heavy, ripping, guttural band, you’re wrong. Firstly, Below Me! more than likely means "blow me” and with their first track titled "Beer Pong Massacre,” the jokes are flying fast and furious. Said opening track starts off with blast beats and growls then transitions into a small rap session where these guys let you know your shit’s whack and it’s your turn to drink. As this album progresses so does the band’s ability to bring out their heaviness with more double bass, muted guitar lines and low end grows overlaid with group chants. "Shocker On Shock Street” starts off with seriously fast punk hardcore drums and matching guitars that ascend to the peak and drop immediately, giving a feeling of vertigo. Below Me! is a mash-up of grindcore and death metal, which makes this album a retardedly awesome listen full of sub-crawls, swift drumming and synth lines that reek of Horse The Band. (Uprising)