Dope Poet Society ProIntelPro: Promote Intelligence Program

Over the course of ProIntelPro, Toronto-based the Dope Poet Society beat their anti-American, war on the war on terrorism propaganda message over your head 'til it hurts. For those who like their music revolutionary, DPS do little to start the fire but for real fans, it was always burning. As lyrical pacifists, the Dope Poet Society take their fight to the White House lawn with "War of Terrorism," "Amazing," and the "Bushit" remix, a scathing indictment of American foreign policy. Lyrically, Lavaman, Belladonna, Professor D and Sage reveal that America is to blame for many of the world's ills on "9/11 World Trade" and "ProIntelPro." Unfortunately, it's old hat, especially when in light of the more incendiary lyrics of Dead Prez, Chuck D or KRS-One. The production is average and finds stability in mellow, piano-driven underground beats lacking vigour. In the end, the patronising skits detract from nine well-intentioned songs that rehash worldwide anti-American sentiment. (Justus League)