DOOMSQUAD "Who Owns Noon in Sandusky?" (video)

DOOMSQUAD 'Who Owns Noon in Sandusky?' (video)
DOOMSQUAD have unveiled a new music video for "Who Owns Noon in Sandusky?" The track serves as the opening cut on the group's latest album Total Time, and the clip itself arrives courtesy of director and friend of the band, Jesi the Elder.
Jesi was also responsible for the vibrantly coloured, ridiculously fun costumes and masks that brighten up the video. Perception-altering faces on the back of heads, a bicycle bedazzled with balloons and some expertly utilized mirrors make for a wildly surreal viewing experience to accompany the song.
"'Who owns noon?' is a quote we heard that originated from a rally in Sandusky, Ohio," the band explained in a statement, "The railway company was trying to standardize a schedule for the trains to follow, which meant that the existing time being kept in Sandusky had to change. Citizens of Sandusky organized a rally attempting to reclaim 'their' time, shouting, 'Who owns noon in Sandusky?' 'We do!' 'We own noon in Sandusky! We do!'"
Watch the resulting song get matched its video in the player below. Total Time is out now on Hand Drawn Dracula.