DOOMSQUAD "Two-Way Mirror" (video)

DOOMSQUAD 'Two-Way Mirror' (video)
There's been rumours for years that strange things are afoot in New Mexico. Weird, alien things. Now, Toronto trio DOOMSQUAD are exploring the land of the greys with a two-part video series. Up first is a skies-watching clip for Pageantry Suite number "Two-Way Mirror."

Scored by the group's funk-indebted groove, Chris Boni's visuals focus on the day-to-day of a Roswell tour guide. When he's not on the clock, he's munching on cheese and drawing up all sorts of conspiracy theory-stirring scenes at a remote lodging. The mood lightens when he has to rush back into town to treat a family of three to a tour.

The truth, we hope, is out there. Perhaps all will be revealed in part two. In the meantime, you can reflect on the video for "Two-Way Mirror" after giving it a peep down below.