Doomsquad "Head Spirit (For Our Mechanical Time)" (video)

Doomsquad 'Head Spirit (For Our Mechanical Time)' (video)
Atmospheric pop sounds and a whole lot of body paint are being showcased in the latest video from Toronto outfit Doomsquad, for their Kalaboogie track "Head Spirit (For Our Mechanical Time)."

Scored by an adventurous blend of busy rock beats, woody plunks, jungle cries and reverb-soaked group vocals, the track's video overlays a number of nature-indebted images. Seen here are a trio of figures flecked with various painted-on symbols as they dance about a forest scene before enchanting the bare stomach of a passerby. Thrown into the mix is section full of tripped-out kaleidoscopic shapes, their psychedelic patterns intensified with strobing lights.

You can see the fireworks-conjuring display down below.