Donovan Compares the Internet To the '60s

Donovan Compares the Internet To the '60s
If you've been sitting around these days just waiting for the new '60s, you may be surprised to know they're already here - the new '60s are the internet, or at least that's what Donovan says.

"The dream of the '60s, of me and John Lennon and the others, was: how do we speak to everybody on the planet at the same time?," the once famed folk troubadour told reporters at the MIDEM music conference Monday. "The first answer was via satellite but that didn't connect to everyone. Then John would say, 'How about telepathy?'

"Then we forgot about it until now when we realized that the internet fulfills that dream of communicating with everyone. I'm not afraid of the Internet because it's that the dream we had. The internet is the new '60s, as far as I'm concerned."

Now, we could take this opportunity to pass judgement on poor Donovon but we're going to take the high road on this one and simply say that it probably would have been way cooler if telepathy was the new '60s instead of the ol' interweb.

Donovan "Sunshine Superman"