Donald Trump Hits Back at Neil Young over Song Use Controversy

BY Sarah MurphyPublished Jun 25, 2015

Leading up to the release of The Monsanto Years, Canadian icon Neil Young has been in the spotlight protecting the free world against evil corporations and asking Donald Trump not to keep rockin' in it.
The singer lashed out at the American presidential candidate for using "Rockin' in the Free World" as his announcement walk-out music last week. While Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders is now using the tune with Young's endorsement, Trump has finally hit back with a response to Young's disapproval.
Trump took to Twitter, claiming that Young recently approached him looking for money for "an audio deal" and invited him to his concert. Trump posted a photo of himself shaking the singer's hand alongside Young's signature on stock purchase agreement, calling the musician a "total hypocrite."
Trump also addressed the use of the song, saying that it was merely one of many songs used as "background music" and that he "didn't love it anyway."
For proof that maturity doesn't always come with age (and that money can't buy you nice hair), check out the string of tweets below.

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