Don Caballero American Don

Pittsburgh trio Don Caballero continues their instrumental rock onslaught with a new album of aggressive instrumental prog. Wild rhythms and guitar textures blast off as tracks veer from warm beauty into angular riffage and killer rawk epiphany. While previous outings have focused on blowing the doors off the joint, American Don exposes a more subtle touch, using the dynamics of style, energy and tempo to make an even bigger sonic impact without even breaking a sweat. Not only does Don Cab experiment with rhythms that conflict and confuse, but the melodic segments of their music travel an equally unconventional path, defying expectations at every turn. Electro acoustic ambience turns into a Philip Glass guitar symphony and then they're on to some kind of backward jig before you know what hit you. But regardless of how peculiar their arrangements, Don Cab always finds a groove and that is why I love them so. (Touch and Go)