Domenico+2 Sincerely Hot

Brazil’s contemporary music scene explodes and oozes over every sexy and mysteriously enchanting track on this edition of an experimental musical trilogy, conducted by three of Brazil’s most exciting and gifted musicians. As each album in the trilogy is led by a different member of the group, this record is driven by the vision of drummer Domenico Lancelotti, son of Samba composer and singer, Ivor Lancelotti. Slyly mixing raw samba with electro-rock, bossa nova with down-tempo, tropicalia and MPB (Música Popular Brasileria) with Western pop, Sincerely Hot becomes a funky mix of Brazil’s old and new. The +2 trilogy is a wild peek at the eventual collision between Brazil’s soulful past and digital future, as the music scene down there continues to change and yet remain familiar with each passing generation. This series is also an interesting way to watch the music scene progress as the children of the people who created it in the first place, take hold of the genre and make it their own. Sincerely Hot and the entire +2 series is a lesson in music evolution and rhythmic nepotism that is as much funky and soulful as it is charming and tender. (Luaka Bop)