Dolly Parton Confirms Plans to Release a Rock Album After Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction

"I don't know when, but I will do one"

Photo: Sharon Steele

BY Allie GregoryPublished May 5, 2022

The ever-humble country music legend that is Dolly Parton was, at long last, recognized by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this week, after much debate (mostly from Parton herself) about who qualifies as a rockstar.

Now that the Backwoods Barbie has joined the ranks of her fellow rock legends, she's also confirmed her plans to release a rock album to live up to the honour.

"I had actually thought about [making a rock album] before I even got nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame," Parton revealed in conversation with Billboard. "I've always wanted to do a great rock album, and I'm going to do that. I don't know when, but I will do one."

When asked if she'd attend the induction ceremony, Parton was on the fence, but said if she does, she's "going to sing the hardest style rock 'n' roll song I could ever muster up just to show that I can do it."

When interviewer Melinda Newman suggested Parton perform a Metallica song at the event, Parton responded:

I don't know what I'll do ... But I'll do something to make it fun and to be forgiven for my mistake. To earn my title ... I've always wanted to do the song "Satisfaction." That's one of my husband's favourite songs. And I may have to drag [Mick Jagger's] guys up there to help me sing it ... I may do up a version of something like [Lynyrd Skynyrd's] "Free Bird" and do my own versions of some classic things that I think would make good rock 'n' roll songs.

This year's induction ceremony will take place on November 5 at Los Angeles's Microsoft Theater.

The 2022 Rock Hall inductees also included Eminem, Duran DuranLionel RichieCarly SimonEurythmics and Pat Benatar. Notably, nominees Rage Against the Machine, Kate Bush, A Tribe Called Quest, Beck, MC5, Devo, Fela Kuti, New York Dolls and Dionne Warwick did not make the cut. 

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