Doldrums Announces 'Lesser Evil' LP

Doldrums Announces 'Lesser Evil' LP
Skewed Toronto soundscapist Doldrums  (aka Airick Woodhead) dropped his tripped-out "She Is the Wave"/"Dysphonia" 7-inch single through Arbutus Records today (November 6), but the A-side will also appear on his newly revealed Lesser Evil LP. Arbutus sends the debut full-length to North American retailers February 26, while Souterrain Transmissions serves up the set a day earlier in the UK.

As Pitchfork revealed in a recent interview, Woodhead recorded the album over the course of 18 months using a laptop he had borrowed from his pal Grimes. As you can see in the tracklist below, on top of "She Is the Wave," Doldrums' upcoming record also features the previously released number "Egypt."

Lesser Evil:

1. Intro

2. Anomaly

3. She Is the Wave (ft. Guy Dallas)

4. Sunrise

5. Egypt

6. Holographic Sandcastles (ft. Sami Nacomi)

7. Singularity Acid Face

8. Lesser Evil

9. Golden Calf

10. Lost in Everyone

11. Painted Black