Dog Day Unveil 'Deformer' Album

Dog Day Unveil 'Deformer' Album
Following the release of 2009's Concentration, Halifax-based indie pop outfit Dog Day saw a significant lineup change that left Seth Smith and Nancy Urich as the sole members of the band. Earlier this year, they dropped a seven-inch in this incarnation, and now they've prepared their first album as a duo.

 The record is called Deformer, and a press release explains that it sees the band doing exactly what they want to do:

They had long pondered the idea being only two; now they would finally do it. Naturally, Seth would keep writing the songs Dog Day fans wanted, but the new approach would be raw, the production back to basics. Without the bells and whistles, the sound would be way more driven. They'd start their own label and screen print the records again. They'd keep it all loose and fun. Real people maneuvers that make a band the real deal. Things change, and after all that's come before, this is Dog Day right now, evolved to a musical being that is finally a clear reflection of its hosts. The art is now just the life. What more could be asked for?

Deformer will be the inaugural release from the band's own Fundog Records, and will be available on August 2. Album track "Part Girl" can be downloaded here.

The duo will also play four Maritimes shows with Vancouver's Apollo Ghosts. All dates are available below.


1. "Daydream"

2. "Part Girl"

3. "Eurozone"

4. "I Wanna Mix"

5. "What She Says"

6. "Somebody"

7. "Positive"
8. "Scratches"

9. "Bluish Grey"

10. "Nothing to Do"
11. "Mr. Freeze"

12. "In the Woods"

 Tour dates:

8/2 Fredericton, NB - Gallery Connexion
8/3 Charlottetown, PE - Hunter's
8/4 Sydney, NS - Governor's
8/5 Halifax, NS - the Seahorse