Dog Day Clarify Hiatus: "We're Giving Our Music Some Distance"

Dog Day Clarify Hiatus: 'We're Giving Our Music Some Distance'
Photo: Carolyn Hirtle
Since releasing Fade Out in the fall, Seth Smith and Nancy Urich have threatened to retire their long-running Dog Day project for good. The couple just gave birth to a baby, their first, and their attention is understandably focused on child rearing for the time being.

"Doing this kid thing, like all our projects, we want to do it right," Smith tells Exclaim! "So we're giving our music some distance so we can work on this until we feel ready to go back to it."

Smith adds that their new parenthood won't inhibit their ability to make music. Rather, it will simply change the couple's approach. "We're definitely not going to quit music," he says. "I always have to be toying with stuff. If I'm not doing something I feel like I'm not doing enough."

The duo generally take a break after any project, and this latest Dog Day release is no different. "Otherwise it can get a little stale," explains Smith.

Both Smith and Urich are involved with Halifax's experimental music festival, Obey Convention, whose next instalment takes place May 22 to 25. Smith is also currently working on a solo project that he describes as "something a little more casual," comparing it to his previous solo effort, 2010's New Problems.

On top of that, Smith has a running project with Calgary's Chad VanGaalen in which the two lo-fi acolytes email experimental noise tracks back and forth, layering them as they go. "That's kind of just been for fun. I'm sure something will come from it," he says, suggesting a cassette tape or a free download might be in the works.

Of course, he plans on making music with Urich again in the near future — "Nancy and I will definitely be doing something soon," he says — but he can't say what form it might take at this point.

"We're at a good stage with the kid because he eats and sleeps a lot, but I know there's going to be a lot of work ahead."

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