Dog Day 'Fade Out' (album stream)

Dog Day 'Fade Out' (album stream)
Seth Smith recently created an icy ambient score for his horror movie Lowlife, but now the Halifax songwriter has returned to pop-rock music for a new album with his band Dog Day. Fade Out is due out on December 10 through Fundog Records, and it's available to stream now.

The 13-track collection finds the band scaling back some of the fuzzed-out, minimal rawness of 2011's Deformer. That being said, it's not too much of a departure, since the band haven't lost their fondness for moody indie rock grit and tunefully downcast pop vocals from the husband and wife pair of Smith and Nancy Urich.

For the most part, the band rely on a fairly limited palette of grungy guitars and rock drums, but opener "Blackened" uses an effective one-finger piano line, "Joyride" briefly incorporates finger-snaps and backmasking, "Leave Your Body" adds watery atmospheric effects to the guitars, and "Before Us" ends the album on a folksy note.

Stream the album below, and see the band's tour schedule here.

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