The Doers Ready, Set… Do / I Can Enjoy Almost Anything

The Doers are a bratty and bass-driven, three-piece acousto-punk outfit from Vancouver that are fashioned after Minutemen and evoke girl/boy lo-fi groups like the Vaselines and Beat Happening. And, despite its brevity, their 19-minute, 12-song debut album, Ready, Set… Do is a mighty good time. Their overtly dorky, sometimes oddly sexual songs are jam-packed with changes, ideas and wit. Things only slow down and get tired during their tacked-on and reissued 21-minute, five-song EP, the mostly live and rather plodding I Can Enjoy Almost Everything, which nevertheless impressively (especially for a debut) features some fine bass playing by Mike Watt himself on the bulk of the songs. This debut serves as an overview of a band that has only recently hit its stride and, if this is any indicator of where the Doers are heading, the next album could be a certifiable classic. Until then, Ready, Set… Do has all the fun and hyper energy you need for a rumpus room romp. (Red Cat)