D.O.A. Detail 'We Come in Peace'

D.O.A. Detail 'We Come in Peace'
D.O.A. have slowly been delivering the details on their upcoming 14th album since the band announced they were heading into the studio last December, hinting that the record should arrive this June. Well, it looks as if the LP comes out a little later than we anticipated: We Come in Peace hits retailers July 31 through leader Joe "Shithead" Keithley's Sudden Death Records.

That's its bizarre, comic-book-style cover above. For what it's worth, we think that's supposed to be Keithley in the eye patch, clerical collar and D.O.A. medallion ensemble.

As previously reported, the 14-track album contains both "We Occupy" and "Who the Hell Do You Think You Are?" from the group's recently released seven-inch. While former Dead Kennedys frontman and longtime pal Jello Biafra helped sing "We Occupy," a press release explains that he's not the only friend to show up on the recording sessions. Other guests include Headstones singer-turned-actor Hugh Dillon, and Billy Talent's Ben Kowalewicz.

While a full tracklisting is still unavailable, the group will supposedly play it political on "Dirty Bastards," "We're Bloodied But Unbowed," offer up some burly punk rhythms via "Boneyard" and "Bring Out Your Dead," and deliver "a heavy slice of ska, reggae and dub" on album track "Walk Through This World."

   Elsewhere, they'll pay tribute to some of their favourite bands via covers of Toxic Reasons ("War Hero") and the Beatles ("Revolution").

We Come in Peace was recorded at Vancouver's Profile Studios, where Keithley co-produced the set alongside Sho Murray and Sean Hollowaychuk.