DMX Lands Himself in Arizona Mental Health Unit

DMX Lands Himself in Arizona Mental Health Unit
Though the rest of DMX's year has been pretty rough, December has been especially unkind to the rapper. Earlier this month (December 16), the hip-hopper was sentenced to one year in jail at the Arizona State Prison Complex Alhambra after he pled guilty to parole violations, and now the troubled DMX has been moved into a mental health facility within prison grounds.

The Phoenix News Times [via XXL] reports that DMX is currently inside Flamenco Mental Health Unit on recommendations of Judge Christine Mullenaux, who presided over his case. Mullenaux said at his sentencing that she believes the rapper may have an undiagnosed mental condition, possibly bi-polar disorder.

DMX's manager Nakia Walker made no comment on the rapper's mental state, but admitted that she wasn't surprised that he had been moved to the mental health unit.

The latest in a long stint of incarcerations stems from a November 18 incident when the rapper was found driving with a suspended licence and reportedly tested positive for cocaine. The singer had just been released from prison this past July over assault charges.

All together the Ruff Ryder rapper has been incarcerated 13 times, with 24 arrests, 11 felony convictions and 15 misdemeanour convictions rounding out his rap sheet.