DMX and George Zimmerman Set for Boxing Match?

DMX and George Zimmerman Set for Boxing Match?
Today's WTF-worthy news comes courtesy of Ruff Ryder rapper DMX, who has confirmed plans to fight George Zimmerman, the man who was controversially acquitted of the murder of Trayvon Martin.

TMZ confirms that boxing promoter Damon Feldman has been shopping around a George Zimmerman fight for some time, eventually choosing DMX from a long list of potential fighters.

In a statement toTMZ, DMX said he was entering the ring to represent "every black person who has been done wrong in the system...I am going to beat the living fuck out of him. I am breaking every rule in boxing to make sure I fuck him up right." Further, he said he was going to urinate on Zimmerman's face.

Rapper the Game was another interested party. He told TMZ, "I would not be boxing for me... I'd be boxing for the legacy of Trayvon Martin and his family."

DMX and George Zimmerman will enter into the boxing ring on March 1. Details of the fight are forthcoming.

UPDATE: It seems the match isn't set in stone after all. DMX's rep Domenick Nat stated to XXL: "The boxing match between George Zimmerman and DMX is not officially confirmed. DMX has promised to 'beat his ass,' but no contract or paperwork has been signed or agreed to yet. DMX will release an official statement if and when an agreement is made."