Dmonstrations Night Trrors. Shock!

Dmonstrations follow up their 2004 debut EP with their first full length, Night Trrors. Shock! Not that this album feels any more "full,” as the Dmonstrations stay true to form and plod through these ten tracks in under 25 minutes. This San Diego trio return with another dose of acrid, abrasive avant-punk that shifts and festers into raw-boned shapes. The album’s theme of an insomniac’s spiral into insanity as the cost of averting nightmares couldn’t be more fitting. Vocalist Tetsunori Tawaraya creates disturbingly visceral cries, and his guttural stylings clash violently against unconventional guitar tunings and rasping mayhem. The contrast against the primal precision of bassist Nick Barnett and the rumbling percussion of Aaron Wade makes for a jerky, whirling experience. The result is an album cloaked in hostility and paranoia, and sees the Dmonstrations creating their own tradition of the strange and strangulated. (Gold Standard Laboratories)