Djedjotronic Cruising

Djedjotronic Cruising
Hot on the heels of R.U.R., his recent full-length for BoysNoize, French DJ/producer Djedjotronic (aka Jeremy Cottereau) is back to the business of releasing EPs, offering up this slick, four-track release for CPU. Leaner and more club-oriented than R.U.R., Cruising is nonetheless a fine release, although perhaps a tad workmanlike.
Just working it is, frankly, all you want on the dance floor sometimes, and all of these tracks deliver in that regard. "Tunnel" is probably the most club-ready cut here, featuring a long-building, sinister synth swell that, taken alongside its insistent four-four pulse, conjures up just the kind of scary, pitch-black velocity its title suggests. The rest of the EP is given over to hard-slapping mid-tempo cuts with just a hint of robot-funk pulsing in the background — "Celular" is the highlight here, featuring a nice vintage funk stab throughout.
In terms of context, Cottereau's work is perhaps comparable in tone to fellow countryman Perturbator, but it lacks the latter's darkly lush synth-work and fever-pitch urgency. Similarly, whatever funk might come through, we are much closer to Kraftwerk here than Daft Punk.
Cottereau could perhaps loosen up a bit in this regard on future releases (the limits of his mechanical rhythms are starting to make themselves clear), but Cruising is a solid release, and shows there's still stylishness to be found in his current approach. (CPU Records)