DJ Swingsett & J. Warrin with Lisa Shaw Sights Unseen

Breakbeat dub seems like a fair, though somewhat lacking description of DJ Swingsett and J. Warrin's innovative breakbeat sound. On Sights Unseen, produced on the duo's commercial outlet for not easily definable NYC electronica, Ism Records, Swingsett and Warrin layer jazz, funk, Latin and soul over breakbeat drums and dub infused sub-bass. Whether they are mixing bluesy harmonica over techno funk, "Choolin," or slipping into minimal beats, "Taoist Funk," the duo play with a rich musical collage, remaining faithful to the breakbeat sound but never constrained by it. NYC vocalist Lisa Shaw's smooth, soulful voice shows up on three of the CD's 14 tracks, which are far too few, and layers solid soul over Swingsett and Warrin's sophisticated breakbeat rhythms. Sights Unseen is both accessible and original, offering the listener a feeling of fusion while at the same time loyal enough to the genre to win fans even amongst breakbeat purists. (ism)