DJ Micro DJ Micro Presents: Tech Mix 2000

If I'm hearing this music at a party then it's six a.m., I'm cracked and in the wrong room. Trance - with the endless build-ups, harmonic synth sounds and orchestral claps is not appealing to me, but Micro's shit is of a different flavour. He's got a residency at the New York night club Caffeine and runs parties of the same name. He's been on call for remixes from fellow Nu-Yoricans Masters at Work and Ministry of Sound projects. His characteristic trademark is a blend of hard trance with breaks - and it's not bad. Micro understands the fine balance between using the break as a part of the music and not novelty - and it's nice to hear an old school vibe with his trance. Version 2.0 represents an assortment of trance anthems mixed with Micro's flair for the dramatic. The mixes are smooth and the selection of tunes is relatively new, all of them follow Micro's pension for orchestral build-ups and explosive breakdown, but this formula gets tiring. Micro's mixing ability and track selection allow him to go through various styles of trance and develop a nice theme. However, he only adds two break-styled trance tunes - a bit of a disappointment. I think trance is cheap musical candy anyway but at least Micro won't give you cavities. (Moonshine)