DJ Hell/Various Gigolo Compilation Eight

A double CD of unmixed, occasionally undanceable left-field tracks from dance floor electro jock DJ Hell? Sure, why not? And, hey, let’s throw on some real weirdness like P.O.D., followed by jack track, "Jack the Box” by Kiko, which sounds bizarrely LIKE 1985, despite being released — it would appear — in 2005. Play Paul’s "Love Song” crams the acid down your throat then tells you scary stories. So it obviously deserves your attention, but the main obstacle preventing the full enjoyment of this album is the fact that with many of the tracks being unmixed dance floor twelve-inches, there’s just so much to digest all at once. Most of the tracks on the second half of the second disc are really more song than anyone could ever use, and the concluding track is truly, outstandingly terrible. Shame, as things start so well. Eric Prydz’s "In and Out,” featuring Adeva is classic dance floor material, followed by the Justice remix of Simian’s "Never Be Alone,” which is quality tuneage all the same. Things stay strong all through this disc, only slowing down two-thirds of the way through with a seemingly interminable dose of simulated ’80s from Bookhouse Boys and Umu, before finishing strong with some class come-down music — if you’re coming down from a mugging that is. Really, what we have here is the millionth example of why there shouldn’t be double albums; take the good from the second and delete the aforementioned chaff from the first and you’d have one hell of a disc. (International DeeJay Gigolo)